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Nourish the Creator Within: A Mindful Street Art Experience

  • Brooklyn United States (map)

We'll explore Brooklyn's largest street art collectives, along with a guided walking meditation, and stops to connect and stay refreshed with local drinks in art-themed spaces. Learn all about NYC graffiti history, common styles and techniques, and the compelling murals themed around love, social justice, crime, pop culture. (This is not your everyday tour.) 

We look forward to having you at our first launch on Meetup's new platform!


Made&Spotted Philosophy (it’s science..)


Humans are designed for community, yet this generation has more lonely and socially-isolated people than ever. It starts with how we meet up. It’s getting harder to find genuine spaces where people can gather to build and support each other creatively, and beyond. Receiving in-person likes actually gives us a natural dopamine kick that can boost energy levels, motivation and confidence, and provide us with an overall sense of joy. In other words, CBD is relaxing, but so is talking to new people in a comfortable environment.


It has been known for centuries that even just 5-10 minutes of mindful breathing or a short walk can alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression also aiding memory, focus, and sleep. A short walk can also reduce cortisol levels (the stress hormone) and improve cognitive functions that support idea-regeneration and better problem-solving. Mindfulness also supports our ability to empathize and show compassion to others, which might come in handy if you decide to come alone. It just means everyone has an opportunity to get on the same vibe, literally.


We encourage guests to set their devices aside for a few hours, even if we have a lot to capture during our experiences! The idea is that it helps retrain our minds to a time when we just lived in the present. Plus, It gives our frontal cortex room to decompress and come back to our devices with more healthy intention. A number of studies have also shown that engaging people without taking out a device can help us become better listeners, less emotionally-reactive, and more capable of having meaningful conversations with others and making a new friend.